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St. Croix Region

Come explore the Downeast region of Maine. Nestled in the St. Croix Valley, Calais is located on the St. Croix River on Washington County's eastern border. The city is situated across the river from St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada. Calais is centrally located to Atlantic Canada. This area, with its small villages and towns scattered on many lakes and the shore of Passamaquoddy Bay, features some of the most unspoiled scenery in Maine. Explore and discover secluded tidal inlets, tranquil pine forests, and the uncrowded pleasures of coastal life.

Each year Calais and St. Stephen join to celebrate the genuine friendship between the two communities. A weeklong International Festival is held every August to recognize this relationship, and activities abound on either side of the border.

Calais, with 4,000 residents, is an ideal location for a Two-Nation Vacation. From this central base, visitors can take day trips to a multitude of interesting and historical spots. Anyone wishing to trace our heritage will be pleased at the wealth of information available and the number of historical buildings found locally.

Passports are not required at this time to cross the land border into Canada, but if you have one, consider bringing it with you. It will expedite your entry back into the United States. Otherwise, you must have a photo ID and proof of your citizenship either by birth certificate (not issued by hospital), Certificate of Citizenship, or Certificate of Naturalization. It is recommended that you have your documents out and ready for presentation to the Customs Officers. Please don't have it packed away in your suitcase!
Passports are required for air travel as of 1/23/2007. Passports will be required for water and land travel between January 2008 and June 2009.